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Some people may think that it's strange that a construction company has blog space on their web page.  We, however, do not.  Our project blogs are a good way to interact with the general public as well as keep current customers informed as to what is going on with their project on a day to day basis.  Let's say the homeowner of a house we are working on is out of town, or out of distance for a telephone conversation.  How will they know what has been done to their house everyday?  We don't want to just let them wonder, or guess, or hope that progress is being made on their home.  We post daily progress blogs for each project we have going so that in the event a customer is not reachable by phone, then they can access their projects' blog and read about the progress that was made on their home for each day in particular.  One of the most important traits of our company is communication.  We feel that communication is the key to a successful project.  If you cut off communication, you cut off the success flow of a project.  Therefore we post our progress on a daily basis to keep the homeowner, and you (the public), informed as to what has been done for each project, each day.  If you have any questions or comments about any blog entry, simply leave us a comment.  You can either respond to the blog entry itself, or you can email us at:



The following blog entries are titled.  The title will be the name of the  project.  Each project is different and we try to update our blog entries daily for each project.  We feel this will give you, the customer, some insight as to how our project's run.  Enjoy !


Location:  LexingtonKentucky

  "The Milam Project"

September 4th, 2008

Still going on project 2010 , General Remodeling (Exterior & Interior)



     We have finally reached a plan and contract agreement for this project.  After 3 weeks of planning, meetings, and estimating, a plan has been made.  We have agreed upon a 32' x 14' dormer addition to the rear second level of the home.  This dormer will have a full bath, storage space, living/sitting area, and a bedroom.  Space was the primary objective for the homeowner.  Over 400 square feet will be added to the existing home.  We have scheduled a start date of Monday September 8th.  Demolition and site clearing will commence on this specified day.  All finish plans and exterior/interior finish schedules have now been set.  We will begin construction on Monday and we hope to wrap the project up in 3-5 weeks depending on weather.  Slide shows will be posted on our "Current Project" page to help potential customers learn more about the overall process of remodeling and adding to an existing home.  Check back Monday for another project blog update for this project.




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